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Film studios rejoice: your ads aren’t being skipped the way other ads are by TiVo owners. In fact, in some cases film ads are gaining higher ratings than the shows they are running during. The Hollywood Reporter (HR) sites ‘Disturbia’ as the #1 ad from late March through late April viewed by TiVo users viewing previously recorded material. The Hollywood Reporter is the parent company of The Nielsen Co., who has set the standard for ratings in television since 1950 but, has only been measuring usage of digital video recordings (DVR’s such as TiVo) since 2005.

While this TiVO specific report is reference to previously recorded material only, “launching” a trailer has become a growing trend in the industry. Often times this is done by placing a trailer in front of a high profile new release such is the case with the new untitled JJ Abrams trailer in front of ‘Transformers’.
One of the largest of these “launches” was a trailer for this summers blockbuster ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’ (POTC: AWE). Buena Vista says that trailer reached 62 countries in more than 25 languages through television alone during its launch.

“The trailer launch began March 19 with its debut during the season finale of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” which captured a nationwide audience of more than 22 million viewers. Immediately after the broadcast, more than 13 million viewed the trailer online in a 24-hour period thanks to a synchronized online debut effort in more than 30 countries. Within 48 hours, there were more than 25 million views worldwide.”-HR

TiVo might be changing the way companies advertise, but for the moment film studios can focus on more important issues, like making advertisements for when their next trailer will launch.
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